Terms and Agreements

By using our application, you are assumed to have agreed to be bound to the followings:
  • You are the rightful owner of the device that you install software provided by KipTrak.com on or that you use to access services provided by KipTrak.com
  • We may cancel your account anytime for any reason without prior notice at which point we may or may not permanently destroy the data you generated in our systems.
  • You will not submit data that are sensitive to you or others such as password which you use with other accounts that would require us to protect.
  • The application is for you to use at your will. It's your responsibility to uninstall it if you found that's it's not suitable for your device or if you think it causes damages to your device, yourself, others or your relationship to others. We are not responsible for any damage it may cause to you or your device.
  • You may alter or delete the data you or your device generated, so do we.
  • We do not take responsibility in the accuracy and the availability of the data since we don't have any control of your device's GPS and the communication network it uses.
  • The service we provide AS IS. There is no warranty implied or expressed.
  • You will not alter, attempt to alter, reverse-engineer the application or sharing it with a third party.
  • You will provide the most accurate contact information so that we can keep you informed in any changes in this agreement. A no-response for a consent request will be understood as your agreement to our new terms.
  • You are not allowed to decompile, distribute or reverse engineer any digital contents such as software a website contents.
  • You authorized us, KipTrak.com, to use the data collected and share them with our affiliates, even when the account is closed or cancelled.
  • You authorized us, KipTrak.com, to collect data from your mobile devices including but not limited to phone number, geographic location and text message contents.
  • You fully understand the consequences of and opted in to sharing your data with other users, KipTrak.com and its affiliates.
  • You are solely responsible any air time, data usage charge including but not limited to roaming and other charges that may incur with your service provider.