The KipTrak project was started to response to the fast evolving of technology. It's a reality that the availability the Internet on mobile device has tighten the gaps among us through popular social networks. KipTrak is taking a step further to allow us sharing our lives to our love ones through the use of mobile technology. It had come across our mind that there are concerns of personal privacy. Therefore, we are taking this into great considerations and promise to bring protection to your data to our best ability. Nevertheless, we do believe that most of us are still skeptical about the technology beast. It can help us and it can hurt us. Regarless, it has been changing our lives and our perception of values. No too long ago (and still now), many of us refuse to upload our photos online for being afraid of the unkmown consequences. And now, popular networks such as Facebook and Youtube cary our pieces of digital history...forever. It's also true in our personal data such as browsing and spending habits, our choice dining and entertainment, our spending routine. These data are being tracked every second in the digital world. You may be shocked hearing about it for the first time but will soon accept the concept wether or not you like it. For that reason, location tracking might not be the norm at the moment but we believe it will soon be a necessity once the public overcome the fear of the new concept. If use it correctly, may be we can keep our kids our of trouble, follow them remotely on a browser when they are on a school field trip. And, god forbid, this technology could be your only hope if your kid does not come home one day. Family vacation in Europe, for example, not only this can keep everyone together. it can be used to record the path of your traveling. Potientially, it can record the phot you take and build a device our your trip that can be shared with your friends and family or whoever is planning a similar trip.

Of course, there are also the destructive ways of how this tool can be used. We truly discourage you from using this tool on someone without his or her acknowledgement - not with your spouse, friends, or anyone you wish to maintain a relationship. You'll have to trust us on this - it will not solve your trusting problem. You may use it however you like but be advice that it's not our objevtive. We will give you the tools but you'll need to decide to use it to break or to protect.


The Development Team