Frequently Asked Questions

How is this better than other GPS tracking apps?
  • It uses our home-brewed iSmart algorithm to make the most out of your battery life, be it inside a building, on the road, lost internet connection or being charged. We have recongnized the problem of power hungry GPS sensor that other apps are facing and made that our main objective. The rest are just plain easy for us. Turn on your navigator with out a chager for 15 minutes and you understand our challenges.
  • It's passwood protected so that your naughty kids can't mess around with thier "guardian."
  • The primary objective of this app is not money. It's fame. We wan't to give our users the best experience to make a name for us so that we'd benefit for our other developments.
Is there a fee?
  • Any usage of this website is free of charge.
How often does the app update the position?
  • For the battery's best interest, the app request the GPS sensor to read data any where from 3 to 7 minutes.
How acrurate is the data?
  • Data acuracy depends on the geographic location, weather condition, and many other fators. However, we only capture data that are within 50 meters (aproximately 150 feet)
How do you achieve minimal battery usage?
  • That's trade secret but if you can keep it between us, we read the GPS more frequenly but keep the sensor "on" time short when there is good signal and read less frequently but with longer sensor time (to gain better accuracy) when the signal is bad. For example, if you are working inside a building, it pretty much sleep and wake up every 7 minutes to see if the signal gets any better.
Why does the first point on the map after I left a building is far awy fron the building (up to 5 miles ) ?
  • That the worse case scenario when the sensor just missed the signal right before you left the building and your device wakes up 7 minutes later(5 miles if you drive fast) for another trial.
Do you provide technical support?
  • We do as long as the request count is manageable. The bugget given to our team is very minimal until can can preove success. This email is your point of contact: